BIBLEBOOK-OPOLY Bible Books as Properties

Hours of Family Fun with BIBLEBOOK-OPOLY

Not your ordinary opoly game. You will be immersed in this board game from the start. Hours of fun lerning the books of the Bible and at the same time enjoying your family and friends.
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“Bible Book-Opoly” Fun way to learn your Bible books. All 66 books as properties. Using the New big board. 27"x18". Get your family or friends together for this fun fast paced Opoly game. All 66 Bible books on one colorful board game. Travel around the board and purchase the Bible books as property. See what lies ahead as you select Faith cards and Wisdom cards. Lots of new obstacles. Fun player pawns. Hours for fellowship with friends and family. 2 to 8 players. NOTE: You will be buying direct from my manufacturer so the game will be a little pricy but you will be getting a new game fresh off the press. Enjoy.
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